5 Ways You’re Secretly Damaging Your Back

According to the American Chiropractic Association, approximately 50 percent of Americans admit to having back pains each year. Because of our current lifestyle and practices, this number might actually increase over the next ten years and will cost the American population around a massive $50 billion annually.

One of the reasons why back pains are so common especially in the working or employed population is that we sometimes unknowingly do things that cause this problem to happen in the first place. Here are five ways people unknowingly damage their back that often times results to endless aches and pains.

  1. Staying Stationary For Hours

Sitting, standing or even lying down for long periods of time could have disastrous effects on our backs. Our spine is designed to be both mobile and stable. However, our current practices, and let’s admit it, most of our job requires as to either face the computer whole day or stand for long periods of time. These factors could cause stiffness to the spinal structures like muscles and ligaments and will eventually result to back pains if not managed properly.

  1. Improper Back Movements

Perhaps one of the most common and oftentimes the most neglected reason why people develop back problems is incorrect back movements. Unfortunately, movements such as keeping your back straight while bending to pick something up, especially heavy objects are often forgotten. In fact, this action (unable to keep the back straight while bending) is the biggest “no-no” in spinal biomechanics. This position creates a lot of stress on the spinal structures that could technically cause damage severe enough to cause you thousands of dollars for surgery!

  1. Lack of Back Exercises

No matter how big your shoulders are or how well sculpted your chest is, without proper back exercises, you are still going to be at risk for developing back problems. Most of the time, we often forget to exercise our back, and who could blame us? Obviously, people would rather focus more on the sexier parts of their body such as the arms and abs. Sad to say, our spine needs the help of our back muscles in order for it to take more loads and stress, and without proper and enough exercise to strengthen it, our spine will be more prone to back issues.

  1. Improper Nutrition

People in their 20’s and early 30’s needs to be investing in a good and strong back for as we grow older, our back tends to get weaker. Negative changes associated with age could be seen as early as 45 years old and that could cause a lot of problems. Pizzas, half a pound burgers,  sweetened beverages etc., should be avoided by all means as they contain low nutritional value and a whole lot of bad stuff. Choose healthy and whole foods that contain a good amount of calcium, Vitamin D and phosphorus.

  1. Stress

It’s no doubt that stress both mentally and physically could cause a whole lot of bodily problems. From constipation, headaches and you’ve guessed it, back problems. The mechanism on how stress could potentially damage our back and cause back problems is still unknown. However, it is best to remember that prolonged stress could be bad for our back.