I attended the 69th annual Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association Spring Coin Show in Tukwila Washington.

I enjoy coin collecting for the historical significance of the hobby.  Holding a coin that was minted throughout history and has existed by being passed from one person to the next during the most significant events in history.  Each coin shows its wear with a unique story that we will never fully know.

I walked the convention talking with vendors and other participates.  It is fun to hold coins from shipwrecks, the Roman empire, United States minted coins and coins from the colonies before there was the United States.  I enjoy the historical aspect.

A word of caution to someone who is not immersed in this culture to take a deep breath before walking into a coin show.  I am taken back by the people that wander the aisles and even more stunned by some of the vendors.  While coin collecting as a hobby is starting to attract younger generations, this is still an older generations venue.  There are also the flamboyant, the disheveled and people who present a lack of understanding of some of the normal societal courtesies.  With that said there are many normal and fun people to talk with, the others add an interesting flavor to the event.

If you are interested in coins, regardless if it’s the historical aspect, the gold or silver, or are interested in starting a collection a local coin show can be a good place to spend an hour or two.  Coin shows are not guaranteed to provide discounted prices.  The larger dealers are fairly good at bartering. However, the smaller deals tend to show more irritation as they take any offer below their marked price as almost a personal insult.  You have to feel your way through these events and determine if your interest and value for your dollar are met.  Remember each coin show is different, while there is some vendor overlap the next coin show may have a different selection.