Activities for Seniors: Staying Active & Healthy

There are many causes why we tend to slow down and become more inactive with age. It may be due to weight or pain issues,  health problems, or even worries about falling. Here are some activities dedicated for senior citizens so that they may stay active and healthy.


Balancing can help senior to maintain standing and stability. This can be done using any exercises that require balance such as yoga, Tai Chi, and posture exercises. Even basic balancing can improve balance, posture, and quality of walking. Aside from that, it can also reduce the risk of falling and enhance confidence to eliminate the fear of falls.


Cardio exercises or rhythmic motions over a period of time will use large muscle groups of the senior. This may lead to heart pumping and can even feel a little short of breath. However, exercises such as walking, stair climbing, swimming, hiking, cycling, rowing, tennis, and dancing can help lessen fatigue and shortness of breath as time goes by. It also promotes independence by improving endurance for regular activities. This can be done via walking in streets, just make sure that the are is safe.

Strength and Power Training

With repetitive motion using weight or external resistance from body weight, this training builds up the muscle of the senior citizen. Power training is frequently strength training done at a quicker speed to increase power and reaction times. Aside from that, it also helps prevent loss of bone mass and builds muscle to improves balance. On the other hand, power training can improve the speed and prevent falls by enabling the senior to react quickly.


This kind of training challenges the ability of the senior’s body and joints to move freely through a full range of movement. It helps the body stay limber and increases the range of movement for ordinary and daily physical activities.