Being a Single Mom

Much more prevalent in today’s society than in the past is being a single mom. According to the Census Bureau’s annual American’s Families and Living Arrangement data, it was reported that the second most common type of family living arrangement is where children are living with a single mother.  This calculated to be 23% of the population in the United States.

Worries of a Single Mom

Can I do this all alone?

Of course, you can! Parenthood is difficult no matter what, whether you are single or married. You will get past this and realize you are able to conquer any challenge.  Get through each part step by step. Focus on giving birth, then bringing your adorable baby home and caring for them. Then, when you are ready, look into to daycare options and work for you. Little steps go a long way. When your fears start to rise, confide in your family and friends and have them level you back out. You will do great!

Can I financially support the two of us?

Some women get child care payments from their former spouse or significant other, but more times than not, most women do not get a penny from their child’s father.  Therefore, they are the sole financial supporter for their child. If you are a mom that currently has no job, put your feelers out there. Connect with other moms in the area through social media, they are usually willing to help out with clothing, toys, and some might even have a connection to contact you with someone in your job field. Moms always help other moms! If you already have a job, understandably long hours can be a bit taxing but know that you are teaching your child how to become a responsible, independent individual.

Advice from a Mom

You’re a single mom, who cares! Do not even worry about what other parents think. Nowadays divorce and birth out of wedlock is a common occurrence, it does not hold a stigma like in the past. Just be prepared.  A grandparent or coworker, or random stranger might be judgmental, but just surround yourself with the people who are supportive and caring. Besides your core friends, you can branch out and find other moms in your area by joining a moms group or even going specifically onto single mom’s group websites.  These women can be a great benefit in your life!

Will my child be okay without a dad? It will work out.   There are different levels of involvement that single moms deal with. Some see their father multiple times a week, others just weekends, some monthly or not even at all. The key is to not become negative towards any parent, to your child, regardless of their involvement. It is your job to provide all the love that you possibly can, and you do not need to fuel negative ideas.  If you their dad is not in the picture at all, there are other male role models they will have – grandparents, uncles, coaches, teachers, friends, etc. Raising your child can take an army with your single or married. Allowing others to be involved and partake in their upbringing will permit them to be exposed to the role models they need.

As a single mom, you got this! Take each day at a time and make the best of it while giving that child all the love in the world!