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Book: The Truth About Your Future

I stumbled across Ric’s Edelman's online content as most of us find things online, following an internet rabbit trail.  He was promoting his new...

Surviving an Active Shooter Event: Run. Hide. fight

Here is a great video produced by the City of Houston regarding surviving an Active Shooter Event. Run   Hide   Fight Source: www.ReadyHoustonTX.gov

Oregon Saves

"Workers in Oregon have a new, easy way to save for retirement at work. You don’t need to do anything to enroll if your...

Federal government myRA is phasing out

The federal government's retirement saving program, MyRA, has closed. This program was created to help people who did not have access to workplace savings...

Apple CEO Tim Cook: I don’t want my nephew on a social network

"Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday spoke about technology overuse, saying he wouldn't allow his nephew to use social networks. Cook is the latest in...

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

I remember sitting in a high school class listening to the explanation of the stock market.  The homework assignment that followed includes a fictitious...

Office Ergonomics Music Video

Oregon's SAIF has done it.  They demonstrated their talents in publishing a fun video to introduce the basics of office ergonomics.  Check the video...

Intro to Retirement – Part 3

Compounding Compounding happens with the growth of investments yearly and when the amount it grows by also grows so an individual’s investments will generate earning...

Intro to Retirement – Part 2

Where will my Money Come From? It is highly essential to know very well where your retirement money is coming from in order to be...

Intro to Retirement – Part 1

Why Plan for Retirement? The quality of retirement will highly rely on how much money an individual had been saving in their younger years,...

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