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adult holding a childs hand

Considerations When Adopting

When considering adoption for your family, there are many things you should take into a count. Struggling with fertility can be a reason a...
Picture of the Completion Medal

Kids Obstacle Challenge

Most of us have heard about the adult obstacle races such as Spartan Races and the elite TriFecta designation.  Another big name is Tough...
Parenting, sleep

Getting Your Child to Sleep

The first thing you hear when you tell friends and family that you are pregnant is, enjoy your sleep now!  It is known that...
indoor activites for kids, rainy day activities

Five Simple Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day

Now that it’s summertime and the weather is warm, it brings out the silly in all kids.  So, before they decide to take apart...
Parenting, Baby Crying, fussy baby, why is my baby crying

How to Prevent a Baby from Crying After Eating

My baby won’t stop crying, why?! So many mothers have said this phrase, along with many others about their new baby. There is so...

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