Considerations When Adopting

adult holding a childs hand

When considering adoption for your family, there are many things you should take into a count. Struggling with fertility can be a reason a family would consider adoption, but before actually starting the adoption process, there is a lot that families need to learn to be prepared for an adoption.  Emotionally your family will be on a rollercoaster, so connecting with other families who have gone through this process is something that you definitely need to do. Using all resources available will help you determine what type of adoption would be right for your family.

Important Steps to Think About

  • Timing is imperative; you need to make sure it is the right time to add to your family.
  • Make sure you know who can adopt, can you be a single parent, gay, etc. What are your options?
  • If you are grieving the loss of infertility, make sure you have processed those emotions, this way they do not come up once you adopt.
  • Consider all that goes into adopting someone else’s child. Make sure to understand what it will be like and what you will have to do when becoming an adoptive parent.
  • There is a cost with adoption and it varies depending on what type of adoption. Some costs are based upon lawyer fees, travel costs for the family, etc. Families should shop around for adoption agencies due to this. You need to know what to look for in an agency and interview the professionals who will be going through this process with you.

Domestic or International Adoption

Each person has their own reasons why they adopt domestically or internationally. What you end up choosing is usually just based on your own opinion. Gain knowledge about each type of adoption, and the pros and cons of each. Look into foster care adoption as well. Many children in foster care are in need of a home and this is a great option as well.

Should You Start the Adoption Process?

When adopting, there is a lot that gets discussed during the process. Therefore, adoption lingo can become a bit confusing, so be prepared to understand adoption talk.  Take some time to review some definitions in an adoption glossary and know some words and terms that are commonly used in the adoption community. Make sure you also learn about the common psychological conditions and medical needs that may impact some adoptive children, this way you are as prepared as you can be for this child and their needs upon arriving.  Lastly, learn what this adoption will mean to you and your family.

Are You Ready for Your Child to arrive?

With a new family member ready to call your house their home, there are a few things you will be responsible for upon their arrival.  It is your responsibility to be prepared to help them during their transition, and likely a rough transition. Be prepared to be there for them and that at times, you or your child may be put in an uncomfortable position.

At times they may feel they do not fit in, or adults might even make you feel like you don’t belong. Instead, educate others about adoption, be an advocate for your child.  This will not be a walk in the park, there will be times of sadness, but also times of joy. No matter what, even if this process may be daunting, it is changing your life forever, and for the better!