Most new mothers want to check in with other mothers and see what they recommend you may need to know when bringing your baby home from the hospital. We all think we know and have everything, but it is always best to double check with someone else. They may have some insight that you don’t have.

A few moms were asked their opinions and below are some things you might want to consider when bringing a baby home from the hospital, and what the first few days, weeks, and months are like.

Time to Leave the Hospital

When getting ready to leave the hospital, you will need a few things for when you get home to help your recovery.  First off, make sure you stock up on those mesh panties they give you. Yes, they are horrible looking, but you aren’t trying to impress right now. They are comfortable and will help hold ice packs and everything else you need in place while you heal.  Speaking of, ask for extra ice packs!

For your baby, make sure you get extra pacifiers from the nurse, and you have your baby’s going home outfit packed. Even if it is summer, this baby is brand new. You will likely want long sleeves and long pants since they will be in the air conditioning or cold, pending the season.

Baby is Finally Home!

Make sure to plan ahead, like for weeks 6-12. This is for when the newness rubs off and people aren’t offering to stop by and help daily. Don’t worry, if you feel that you have no idea what to do or you do something you realize might have been a mistake.  We are human, we are not perfect. It is okay if you feel clueless, it is completely normal for a new mom to feel this way.  You will get a rhythm down in no time.

To help keep your sanity, one tip to give is if you are using a breast pump at any point in time, do not wait until 4 am to try it out for the first time, otherwise, the water works might start. Keep in mind, when you have another middle of the night wake up call, you might not know instantly what your baby needs.  You may have to try a few things in order to get them to stop crying. Don’t get discouraged.

Baby Blues

Some days you may feel like you have the baby blues, don’t take it lightly, it is real.  It is completely normal to feel this way. You love your adorably cute baby, and this feeling doesn’t change that one bit.  New moms tend to feel alone at times too, once everyone stops offering to help. However, you are never alone. You always will have someone willing; you may just need to ask.

Your New Life

Your new world consists of milk, diapers, cribs, and appointments to the pediatrician. One tip a mother suggested was to make friends with your pediatric nurse. If you are rude to them, chances are they won’t do whatever they can to get your child in if you need an emergency appointment. Additionally, in today’s world, social media is so important to people, and this is not something our parents dealt with when we were born. However, the advice is to think before you post for a few reasons.  Most people post things that seem “perfect,” so do not get discouraged when you see someone else post a picture of their two-month-old nicely sitting and smiling. What you probably didn’t see was the 30 other pictures that were taken when the baby wasn’t looking, was moving, etc. Moreover, privacy is also nice. You might also want to keep some things private for your child’s sake. I’m sure your child will not want there to be a picture of them in the bathtub or on the potty on the internet forever.

The final thing you need to remember once your baby is home, and now you have this new little person to raise, you need to only trust one person. That one person is you! You are their mom, and you will have gut instincts when they are sick or need something. Trust what you are feeling and you will do great!