Enjoyable Habits That Might Reduce Risk for Heart Diseases

Heart diseases which include Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Coronary Artery Disease and Congestive Heart disease are still one of the leading cause of death in the United States and in the world as per WHO. Because this condition sometimes presents with very subtle signs and symptoms, it is oftentimes neglected and allowed to worsen over time without the person knowing it.

Current social and lifestyle practices also put more and more people to be at high risk of developing such disorder. However, with proper and guided lifestyle modifications, a person could technically lower his or her risk of developing heart condition by simply doing the things he or she enjoys. For example;


You don’t exactly have to be a good chef in order to pull this one off. So…what’s with cooking anyway? Well, cooking your own meal allows you to choose your own fresh and healthy ingredients rather than ordering something infamous fast food restaurants that usually comes with an overwhelming amount of bad cholesterol, fats and free radicals that may form plaque in the blood vessels. This plaque, known as atherosclerosis blocks the arteries preventing blood flow and could result in tissue death. Cooking also allows you to monitor your food intake and therefore help you manage your diet more.


Bored? Stressed? Why not take a short vacation and just unwind, you deserve it, in fact, we all do. Being stressed either from office or home for long periods of time could have some negative impact on your heart health. Studies show that people who are constantly manifesting negative emotions (anger, envy, sadness, and hostility ) are at higher risk of developing heart disease compare to those who are not. Going on a vacation helps an individual to relax and find comfort. So book that ticket now and give yourself a much-needed break

Controlled Alcohol Consumption

Before we even start, researchers strongly oppose alcohol consumption as the primary means of reducing the risk for heart disease and by no means, it should be regarded as some form of treatment. So why include this? One or two drinks of alcohol per day, preferably red wine appear to have some cardioprotective benefits according to studies. This might be due to the fact that a small intake of alcohol with meals helps raise the good cholesterol in the body and the bioflavonoids found in red wine might reduce atherosclerosis.


negative emotions could have some damaging effects on the hearts over time. Therefore, a long talk to your bestie especially when done during mild physical activities such as walking in the park or window shopping could help an individual  to express and vent out emotions