Hot Air Balloons

A Hot Air Balloon Flight is an amazing activity to do and it’s encouraging since it is available for almost everyone. Flying over a beautiful landscape and having the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery from a perfect point of view is a must-have experience.

As a first time Hot Air Balloon passenger, there are many things you will not be familiar with, a lot of questions to be answered before you go.

Wear sturdy boots and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Usually, the launch and landing fields are wet in the morning so your shoes will get wet. Sunglasses are a good idea and a warm hat or cap would also be a good idea. When the pilot fires up the burners sometimes the radiant heat can be quite hot, this is where the hat will help.

Essential gear includes a camera, sunglasses and sturdy clothing. Just remember that it is not a good idea to have loose or hanging items. Your pilot will normally ask you to stow away anything loose as you come into the land as a small drag landing may occur (very safe and normal).