To sleep under the stars surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery or having coffee with the view of sunshine seem like great experiences. Backpacking is as inspiring as it sounds.

Backpacking is essentially the combination of camping and hiking, but even if you are a seasoned camper, there are a few things to consider before you hit the trail and go backpacking for the first time.

It’s best to go backpacking with an experienced partner or partners since they are likely to have the necessary gear, such as a group tent, stove, and kitchen supplies. In addition, your experienced companion can recommend you on what not to bring, in order to limit the weight in your pack.

You have to know how to set up your tent, use your water filter, and cook on your camping stove. You should make a checklist of the essentials that you’ll need such as a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, water filter, and stove, and make sure you know how each piece of equipment works.  It also helps to pack all of your gear into your pack before walking out the door to go backpacking. Everything should be well stored and the bag should be well arranged with the minimum weight possible.