Intro to Exploring Caves (Spelunking)

PacificNW Spelunking (Cave Exploring)

Spelunking is a global sport also known as caving. This highly popular recreational activity is based on exploring caves or grottos, as you walk, climb, squeeze and crawl your way through tight passages. Enthusiasts can also zip line or rappel down different cave levels, and even dive underwater.

With spelunking, you will explore caves having no idea what you will find in every corner you check: Crawl spaces reveal interesting rock formations, underground streams, waterfalls, canyons, and critters, such as bats.

Make sure you’ve got lights and extra batteries, a first aid kit, food and water, and a bottle to pee in (This may seem gross but urine is not good for caves.)

Caves are unforgiving places, so you will have to be very careful and try your best to make the least of mistakes. That’s not to say that beginners can’t take up spelunking, but it’s important to stay within your skill set. A thousand feet underground isn’t the place to try something new – that’s what above ground training is for. Recognizing, and admitting, fatigue is key. Remember that you’ll need as much energy to get out of the cave as you’ve spent descending into it. And always have an experienced team leader along for the ride.