Intro to SnowBoarding

PacificNW Adventure Snowboarding

As winter sets in, and the weather forecasters start calling for snow, the thoughts of many recreational athletes turn to alpine events, especially skiing. But for some weekend warriors, winter sports mean only one thing: snowboarding. Combining the fluid grace of surfing with the jump and spin techniques of skateboarding, snowboarding is a rush that has to be experienced. A few things to know before you go.

As a beginner, you first need to undergo a series of lessons before heading to the mountains. Usually, the first things you need to master are about basic safety, proper stretching, injury prevention, and maybe rules and policies of the resort. To learn the basic skills you need to master, you can take private lessons with an instructor but it will be more expensive. A better alternative is to learn with a group. Aside from its practical, you can also interact from other snowboarders and also learn from them too.

If you are a first-timer, hire the hardware first. As a general rule, a snowboard should be between shoulders and chin height, quite flexible and soft. It must also be wide enough for your toes not to overhang the edges. Entry-level board costs around $250. Make sure boots fit snugly, that there are not any pressure points and that your heels don’t slide up and down.

You need a jacket and pants, warm layers, a hat, and gloves; beginners may want to invest in a bum pad or ‘crash pants’. Goggles are a must and a helmet is worth having.