A look at the Future with Vivek Wadhwa

Many of the world's problems with poverty, lack of healthcare, and expensive energy will be solved.

We are living in exciting and scary times.  I am not talking about the political polarization but the exponential growth of technology in our world.    I am fascinated by the predictions about the next five, ten and fifteen years.  The crossroads right now is where different technology sectors are now merging. Therefore, we have unprecedented growth occurring.   We are and will continue to see advancements faster and more significant than anything this world has previously experienced.

There is a good book called “The Truth about Your Future” by Ric Edelman.  This book provides compelling evidence on the future of not just our beautiful Pacific NW but the entire world.

The attached video is 34 minutes.  Vivek shares his insight and predictions of the future.  He covers topics of the true impact of driver less cars, gene modification, energy, the future of jobs versus unemployment and then the dark side of our advancement.  The video concludes asking the question is the world moving towards Star Trek or Mad Max?

I am excited about what is before us as a civilization. The future will depend on the platforms we set today.  Our current models of politics, corporations and our daily lives have to adapt to prepare for the disruption of what we understand today.  Many of the world’s problems with poverty, lack of healthcare, and expensive energy will be solved.  Instead of focusing on scarcity we should be planning for abundance and access.  The laws and policies we enact in the next few years should be forward facing not focused on yesterdays political polarization.


In the spirit of our conversation, I will close by saying, “Beam Me Up”