Peter Rabbit The Movie

This evening my wife and I took our kids to see Peter Rabbit.  We had watched several trailers online before going, my kids were excited, but I was not sure.  There had been some bad reviews and critical articles over the movie’s release which gave me a little pause.  My kid’s love Peter Rabbit stories and they have enjoyed the recent animated series which ran between 2012 and 2016 and can still be viewed on Nick JR and Nickelodeon.

All four of us enjoyed the movie. It was well worth seeing in the movie theater.  In general, we shy away from movie theaters over the last few years.  With the convenience of so many movies at home and the lack of experience in a movie theater, we prefer to stay at home.  The kids still find the movie theater exciting and because it is not something they experience often, it feels extra special to them.

This movie makes Peter Rabbit somewhat a version of Dennis the Menace. There were several laugh out loud moments during the movie.  Several times my six-year-old son, whispered funny comments in my ear about the onscreen antics.  As we walked out of the theater, my 8-year-old daughter expressed her enjoyment of the movie.  My son added, as he was waddling towards the restroom, he liked the movie so well, he had to go to the bathroom for over half of it but did not want to miss anything.  From the kids perspective, it was a success.  My wife enjoyed the movie but graded it a B or maybe high C movie.

Overall, the movie was a success.  It is geared for a younger audience and it produced laughs and entertainment that kept them interested.  I think some of the negative press regarding the movie is overblown.  I also noticed Peter Rabbits voice was a grown man, it really should have been a younger persons sounding voice over.  On a personal level, I felt the movie was a little more menace than a positive life message.  There is a brief scene that does talk about love.  I enjoyed the animated series as each episode delivered a positive message to the viewer.  I would occasionally sit with my kids as they watched the TV episodes, I always felt good about what we just watched.  I also enjoyed hearing my kids running around the house quoting the show saying “A good rabbit never gives up.”