“Gone Fishing” hang the sign and pack up the family.  A

girl holding fishing pole standing near pond

Fishing at Rainbow Trout Farm, Mt Hood, Sandy OR

nearby attraction that is perfect for the kids and taking the grandparents along.  For those of us who are not skilled fishermen who brave the river current, there is a great place called Rainbow Trout Farm about seven miles east of Sandy Oregon.

This 30-acre property has ten separate ponds with varying sizes of fish in each one.  There is the perfect pond for the little kiddos and the adults can cast their pole in the in the more difficult ponds where they can try to hook a 24 in trout.

The ponds are surrounded by walking paths, some are ADA accessible, large trees tower over the property and the fresh air is a pleasure.  They even have a small event building for a business retreat, church group or large family reunion.

Now some may be thinking they have not been fishing before and do not know quite what to do.  They will supply the fishing poles, net, and worms.  After your catch your fish they will even clean them for you.  If you need some help feel free to ask, they have staff there willing to jump in and walk

Boy holding fishing pole standing next to pond at Rainbow Trout Farm

Photo by PNW Online

you through the process. This is all included in the cost of the fish.  There is no admission fee but they

have a sliding fee scale based on the size of the fish.  Six-inch fish are $.75 while the 24-inch fish are $22.50.

While our family was fishing, we did see a couple experienced fishermen show up with their own tackle and start working the ponds as well.  Rainbow Trout Farm really provided an experience for most skill levels.

Bring your lunch or picnic and when you did fishing, spread-out in the grassy fields or take a seat at a picnic table and continue to enjoy the peace that comes with an afternoon outing with the family.

Lastly, remember to bring a bucket or container for the car.  Once your fish are cleaned they will hand you the fish in a plastic bag.  We brought a small bucket to help hold the bag of fish just to make sure nothing accidentally spilled in the car on the way home.

My kids reviews are in.  When asked about their day fishing, my daughter said “Two thumbs up” and her younger brother asked “Dad, can I give it ten thumbs up?”.

Rainbow Trout Farm is located on Mt Hood, about seven miles east of the City of Sandy.  It is an easy trip on Hwy 26 and the turn off is clearly marked with signage and a turn lane.  You will wind down the residential road and the Rainbow Trout Farm is located near the end.

When you get home, if you need some ideas on how to cook your fish check out this article:  “10 Ways to Cook a Trout and Each is Better Than The Last”.



Location: Mt Hood Territory near the City of Sandy in Clackamas County, Oregon