Located on the north side of Seaside’s Prom, a two minute walked from the turnaround; there is a family fun activity waiting for your attention.  The Seaside Aquarium has 11 seals waiting for you to toss a fish to them.  The Seals will get your attention by clapping, making funny noises and splashing water.  Depending on the seal they may just give you those pouty eyes that say, please make it easy for me and just throw the fish into my mouth.  Recently, we visited at the right time, as we were feeding our small fish to the seals the staff brought out the big fish.  The seals went crazy with their splashing, and swimming and overall playfulness as they race each other for the next big bite.  When feeding the seals be careful, they will splash water.  As my son found out during the big fish feeding, he was just the right height as the seals raced around the pool a wave went over the wall and splashed him right in the face.  He laughed and was okay with it, until my daughter so lovely said: “you know, all that water is seal pee.”  We quickly washed his face at the nearby hand washing stations.

After you wash the seal pee of your face (in reality we have been there several times and this was the only time we were significantly splashed) head back into the aquarium area.

There is a feisty octopus that likes to hide in the rocks but watches people as they look into the tank.  My feeling is that octopus might have a mischievous side.  I even asked one of the employees if the octopus ever crawls out of its pool at night, she has not heard of that but does know of other aquariums were the octopus have done such things.  My guess is if you ever find yourself in the Aquarium in the middle of the night and feel like something is watching you, I would look very closely for that octopus which has probably blended in with the surroundings.

Octopus at the Seaside Aquarium – yes he is looking at you. Octopus are so cool!

The kids had a great time in the tide pool displays where they reached into the water to explore what was under the surface.  They have staff members who will answer questions and help the kids.

Tide Pool Display at Seaside Aquarium

Plan on spending 45 to 60 minutes at this aquarium.  It is small aquarium but entertaining and well worth a visit.  A tip for the parents, buy extra fish to feed the seals, one tray goes very quickly.

While the aquarium is privately owned, they are involved with sever public awareness campaigns including Marine Mammal Stranding, Seaside Beach Discovery Program, Sea Week, Haystack Rock Awareness Program and the Wildlife Center of the North Coast.

For more information visit their website:  Seaside Aquarium.

Seaside Aquarium

Seals at Seaside Aquarium


Fish at the Seaside Aquarium