Seattle has many attractions, for our family, the highlight is the Waterfront.  This area is alive and bustling regardless of the time of year.  Its fun to walk the sidewalks and listen to the various languages, it truly is a hub for international visitors.

The street performers and sidewalk walk vendors add a nice element to the entire experience.  Just walking down the street, artists are performing their craft and handmade merchandise.  During our trip this March, my dad dropped a few dollars into a spray paint artist can.  The artists said thanks and my dad responded with a comment about appreciating his talent.  The artist’s response was so Seattle; he said: “Oh thank you, but you have talents and skill too, you just need to explore them and find out what you are good at.”

Plan on spending several hours walking, exploring, eating and taking one of the top attractions in Seattle.

Here are some of the highlights:

Remember to plan on spending some time having lunch or dinner at Elliot’s Oyster House, The Salmon Cookers, Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish Bar or the Crab Pot.

Here are some photos from our Spring Trip to the Waterfront.