This isn’t what you expected, it’s a total shock and now you don’t know where to turn. You’re not on your own.  There are many resources that you can benefit from and assist you in understanding the changes you are experiencing, and what you can do to protect yourself and your baby during the next nine months.

Things to Consider

Becoming a parent is a huge job, so there are many things you want to consider. Look at your current situation and seek out support (significant other, parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives). These are the people who are going to be your main support system for you and your baby. As much as this may have been unexpected, don’t be afraid to ask your support system to stand by you.

You might also want to consider adoption if keeping your baby is not feasible for your current situation.  Starting from that positive test, you will need to make decisions that are best for your child. If you do consider adoption, you want to use your support network to help you make this decision. Another thought is whether you would want to remain in contact with the baby if you are considering adoption.

Local Resources for Pregnant Teens

It is important to look into programs in your area that are able to assist you and your child, emotionally, physically, and possibly financially. Some local programs you can seek out are religious and charitable groups. Most religious leaders can help guide you to the appropriate groups you will want to be in contact with.  Additionally, many charities are compassionate towards young mothers in this situation and give their assistance. The Birthright International charitable organization offers friendship and emotional support throughout your pregnancy. Not only that, they offer medical and legal referrals, and assist with maternity and baby clothes.

Online Support Groups

Teens are always seen with their phones or other technological device in their hand.  They use technology better than most generations, therefore, using this tool to find support is probably one of the greatest ways for this age group.  You will benefit from online sites that offer a place to share experiences and information.  Teens connecting with other teens that have gone through this creates a positive connection.

Government Support

State and local governments often provide support for teen mothers. Each state has its own laws, but most often they make services available that give new mothers some type of parenting programs and/or classes to take.  They help mothers-to-be get the care they need.

Supportive School System

As a teenager in middle or high school, you should use your counselors or favorite teacher as someone you could connect to.  They can point you in the direction of certain local programs and offer suggestions on what is available in your community. Besides all this, a counselor is a great support system because they can offer guidance throughout your pregnancy and help you figure out how to balance the demands of motherhood along with finishing your education.

The Bright Future Ahead     

Although you might be hesitant about the next step in your life, you do not need to go through it by yourself.  There are so many amazing resources that you can use to help you get through these next few months. You will be pleasantly surprised by the caring people that will form your support group during this